The difference between WOMEN and FEMALES | Part 1

Hello, my dear women,

What does it take to be a woman? What is the difference between women and females? 

We often hear and read statements like “be a man” or “be a real man”. Manhood is associated with good virtues and noble traits like courage, keeping promises… etc. 

I must admit that I am not a fan of this categorization, because many times it is used by men to shame other men who act in a way they don’t agree on. 

This categorization can be toxic sometimes. I’ve seen men who got shamed for being kind and nice, they’ve been called not “man” enough or not real men.

But at the same time, when I look at this categorization from another angle, I like the fact that it makes the word “Man” more honorable, it makes it something to work for, a title to earn. 

I told myself, “I want to make the word Woman honorable and respectable as well”. Why not making it a title to earn and to be worthy of as well? 

They say “there is a difference between males and men”. It should also be “there is a difference between females and women”.

We need to make the title “woman” as an equivalent and a representation to high-value females and for virtues. 

We want to make the word “woman’ associated with good qualities.

This is not a weapon to shame women who do not fit a specific mold, but this is a call to level up ourselves to be more worthy of honor.

I am going to present my own vision of how to differentiate between FEMALES and WOMEN. I have a lot to say about this topic, and I’m passionate about it. 

This will be the first part of this series. And I know I am guilty of making huge gaps between the parts of my series, and some of them are still not finished. I am sorry about that; I am trying to complete and publish the next pieces as soon as possible.

Please, share your thoughts and everything you have to say about this topic. I want to hear your perspective.

Let’s get started…

Difference between women and females?

I see “females” as the primitive stage of women. All women are born females, and all men were born males.

People talk about a man’s journey to become a real man. Females also have a journey to take to develop and be real women.

I kind of touch on that here, and also in this blog post, I see those stages as a journey of development for women.

The first archetype “Eve” is more like this “female” primitive state we talk about.

So, what makes the difference between women and females? And what does it take to be a woman?

1) Women have standards for themselves.

This area is what makes the most difference between women and females.

If you look at females and how they act in life, you will only find one of two cases: 

  • They have no standards.

They do not put standards for themselves nor others. They have no filtration when it comes to deciding what is accepted and what is not accepted.  

They have no vision for themselves and their interactions; they just have expectations, desires, wishes… etc. They are usually moved by their instincts and mood, not by moral standards and virtues.

  • They only have standards for others.

They have no standards for themselves; they act the way their mood, desires, and instincts want them to act. But at the same time, they have standards for others, and usually, those standards are high. 

They see themselves deserving all the good in this world, and people must recognize that and act according to it.  


On the contrary, when it comes to women, they have high moral standards for themselves first before others.

Women work on becoming the best possible version of themselves, and they expect the same from others. They will not allow people to cross the boundaries, but they also make sure that they will not cross those exact same boundaries. 

2) Women are responsible & accountable.

Females tend to find excuses and justifications whenever they did something wrong. They find it extremely hard to own it, take responsibility, apologize, and do something to fix the problem.

They have a list of endless excuses to justify their lack of standards: period, PMS, hormones, mood, people, weather… etc. 

Women while working to be the best version they could be, they know that they are not perfect and making mistakes is a normal part of the human experience. They admit their mistakes and fix them (and apologize if their mistake causes harm to someone).

You will not hear a woman blames her hormones or her circumstances for something that is clearly her own fault. Only a female would do that.

Speaking of period and hormones, one of the examples that I like is this video of Lucy (I already talked about Lucy, if you remember). 

I admire her third point (starting from 3:16). Instead of blaming hormones and people who annoy her in this period, she takes responsibility for her actions and reactions. Like she said: It’s her duty

A woman knows she is an adult, and she is in charge of her actions.

3) Women have a healthy relationship with money.

A woman knows that she lives in the 21 century where she has the opportunity to support her self fully, and she will take this opportunity and responsibility gladly and with a grateful heart.  

Women see this opportunity as a precious gift. It is a blessing to have your own money and to use it to grow as a person and help other people to grow as well.

Women will not spend their money on superficial things and they will not throw their money to gain shallow gratification.

Having your own money widens your options in life. A woman will use this to expand her ability to become virtuous and generous.

However, when it comes to females, we have two patterns:

  • The first pattern

They look at money as something that is non of their business. “Men are the providers, and that’s it.”

They are given the chance to rely on themselves and live an honorable life with their own efforts. However, they still refuse to grow up, they still expect someone to take care of them financially (a parent, a spouse… etc.), they still scream” this is against the natural order” and they still want to rely on someone else to feed them and clothe them. 

They will search for any excuse to justify their greed and to prevent people from calling them gold-diggers. They even came with “scientific” justifications for that (evolutionary psychology). Still, women will not let science or art or anything else prevent them from having their financial freedom and options in life.

  • The second pattern

Women who use their money (whether it’s their money or their husband/parents’ money) in an entirely unwise way. 

They buy tones of unnecessary items. They mainly purchase things that improve their outer appearance, but they won’t use money in something that improves them as people and improve the lives of others.


Women realize that money is an asset, and this asset should be used to add more meaning and virtue to our life. We should not put this asset in the hand of somebody else and give them power over us, and at the same time, we should use this asset wisely and virtuously. 

difference between women and females

4) Women take care of their health.

Females take care of their beauty instead of their health. Almost everything they do is aimed at improving their outer appearance.

Tons of makeup, plastic surgery, expensive clothing… etc. They destroy their natural beauty and also the health of their skin.

They do not care if what they are doing is healthy or not; they only care if this will make them gorgeous in the eye of someone or the eyes of people in general. 

They might end up changing their whole natural features in order to impress others. A woman would never do that.

Women know that health is the most precious gift ever, and it is way important than outer beauty.

They, of course, care for their beauty, but they do that by mainly taking care of their health. They exercise, eat healthy, sleep well., no smoking… they know that those healthy habits have a massive impact on their appearance as well. 

They will not try to impress others; they accept their natural face, body, and features.. she will not change anything about them; instead, she will work to keep them healthy and beautiful. 

5) Women want a partner.

When it comes to relationships, women want a partner, someone to share their whole life with.

On the contrary, females do not want that. You will find females who want someone to take care of them financially or take care of them in another way (but she will have no intention to reciprocate that).

You will find females who enter relationships or even get married for social-climbing reasons.

You will find females who want a relationship with a handsome guy just to show off on Instagram. 

You will find females who treat their relationships like a game, they make it full of drama and mind games and manipulation… and sometimes, they can even turn it into a war, violence, and abuse.

For the most part, they don’t even know what the meaning of sharing your life and everything with someone is. They only want to take; they don’t want to offer and share.

Women take relationships and marriage seriously. And they want a real, meaningful partnership. They have no time nor ability for manipulation and shortcuts; they choose the right person and build the right relationships with him.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you like this blog post.

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